Episode 57

In this Episode As always we’ve got an incredible show for you, Faouzi Daghistani from Australia talks to us about the importance of building your Agel business, Agel Fitness Coach Brooke Basil tells us how eating healthy fats can actually help you lose weight, there’s a new ‘Did You Know?’ about the anti-oxidant Read more about Episode 57


2013 Mediterranean Cruise Qualifiers

The Agel Mediterranean Cruise Promotion has been a huge success. Team Members from all over the world have qualified to join Agel and cruise the Mediterranean, see the sights and engage in some incredible adventures. We congratulate everyone who did what it took to earn his or her way onto the cruise and we invite you to join us on the next Agel Adventure. You never know where we’ll be headed next. Read more about 2013 Mediterranean Cruise Qualifiers

Episode 56

In this Episode Tonight on AgelTV Dr Princess Skyers talks about how to build your business, we’ve got a new segment called ‘Did You Know’ about GSH from Co-CEO Jeremiah Bradley, we’ll hear from new Three Star Diamond Vito Bellu about the Agel Lifestyle, new One Star Diamond from Russia Natalia Polyakova tells us Read more about Episode 56


Episode 55

In this Episode This week on AgelTV we hear from Randy Gage and Brian Bodenhamer on how to reach your goals with the Agel Fit Challenge, we also hear from new Five Star Diamond Dino Zen, and we’ll be talking about the amazing number of Rank Advancements that happened in the month of January. Read more about Episode 55


Episode 54

In this Episode Tonight on AgelTV Tatiana Chirobokova talks about the importance of qualifying for every promotion, Joel Rockwood points out how Agel’s GSH just might be the solution to your weight loss problems, we get a chance to see footage of Alberto and Patrizia Ceccarelli accepting their 2012 Agel Leader of Read more about Episode 54


Episode 53

In this Episode Tonight on AgelTV Randy Gage delivers a message from the Agel Leadership Retreat in Hawaii, find out the first step you need to take as you start your Agel Fit Challenge, and Tony and Sarah Zolecki tell us about the amazing lifestyle that the Agel opportunity can provide. Read more about Episode 53


Episode 52

In this Episode In this episode we have messages from Fernando Gatti and Silvana Kurtin, an update on all of December’s new Rank Advancements, we take a look at the Leaderboard for the Agel Mediterranean Cruise, and Joel Rockwood will talk to us about the importance of taking UMI every day. Read more about Episode 52


Episode 51

In this Episode Tune in tonight for messages from Ann & David Feinstein, Nattadech ‘Diamond Joe’ Chaipakornwong, Vera Men’shikova, and 2012 Agel Field Leaders of the Year Alberto & Patrizia Ceccarelli. Read more about Episode 51