Episode 97

Tonight on AgelTV Find out about all the amazing things happening in Russia, Learn how OHM can help support your mind, how setting goals will help you reap Agel rewards, and what quality of life means to to the leaders in Belarus. Read more about Episode 97


Dream It, Believe It, See It, Tell It, Plan It, Work it, Enjoy it

With the explosive growth Agel is experiencing I was thinking this morning what makes the difference in Team Members success? I have learned in the past 25 years that those with GOALS have a much better chance of success than those that do not have goals. With the New Year upon us quickly I would like to share some thoughts that have helped me over the years. Here is a short version of what I learned. Read more about Dream It, Believe It, See It, Tell It, Plan It, Work it, Enjoy it

Episode 95

Tonight on AgelTV Co-Ceo Jeremiah Bradley recognizes Agel’s newest Diamonds, a training with Presidential Diamond Director Rady Gage from the Ukraine Director’s Dinner, and a product Segment on FLX from Joel Rockwood. Read more about Episode 95


Episode 94

Tonight on AgelTV October President’s Club and Premier Club recognition, an excellent training from Presidential Diamond Director Randy Gage and Executive Diamond Director Ann Feinstein, a product segment on OHM, and John Gustin on the amazing Columbian event. Read more about Episode 94


Episode 93

Tonight on AgelTV Find out about the amazing Latin America events with Zach Bradley, Learn more about GRN with Joel Rockwood, Monica Escobar and Anuar Valencia show their Agel life-style, and Sara Tay shares her reason for joining Agel. Read more about Episode 93


Episode 92

Tonight on AgelTV Learn more about Agel’s logistic operations with Co-CEO Jeremiah Bradley, rediscover the revolutionary Ageless skin care line with Anna Garcia and elevate your belief with Felipe Fandiño. Read more about Episode 92


Episode 91

Tonight on AgelTV Jeff Higginson explains why Torino Italy was chosen to host Agelworld 2014, he shares a few secrets with new team members and reveals his vision for the future of Agel. Read more about Episode 91


Episode 90

Tonight on AgelTV we recognize all of the September rank advancements, President’s Club and Premier Club, we discuss how to succeed in network marketing with with no previous experience with Four Star Diamond, Diamond Joe, and a product segment with Joel Rockwood. Read more about Episode 90