Episode 81

Tonight on AgelTV we have a 'Did You Know?' about Agel BRN, we have a business building tip from Randy Gage, Sam and Scott give a heads up about the current AgelWorld Torino promotion, and Agel's President Craig Bradley takes a moment to talk about an upcoming project with the AgelCares Foundation. Read more about Episode 81


Episode 80

Tonight on AgelTV we have Director Sarah Tay from Singapore talking to us about her secret for building the business, we’ll be talking about the Rank Advancements and Premier and President’s Club qualifiers for the month of July, we have a new ‘Did You Know?’ about Agel MIN, we take a look at an AgelCares event th Read more about Episode 80

Ω3: Better in a Gel

Did you know Did you know that Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most important nutrients to supplement for your body? 9 out of 10 people have an Omega-3 oil deficiency. Maybe the problem is in the delivery form. Studies have shown that taking Omega-3 in a gel form can increase delivery by up to 350%. Read more about Ω3: Better in a Gel

Episode 79

Tonight on AgelTV Executive Diamond Director Billy Looper talks to us about the Agel Lifestyle, we have some business building tips from Regional Director Wendy Man, we take a look at a recap of AgelWorld Tour Bangkok, and there’s a special announcement from Co-CEO Jeff Higginson about the AgelWorld 2014 event in Read more about Episode 79


There's a Million of Them

I knew that he was coming long before I could see him. The peculiar sound of his Harley engine and its trademark “rumble” was known by all of his friends. I didn’t look up from my reading as he pulled up to my porch. He took off his bandanna and wiped away the perspiration that covered his face and beard. Soon I was in the arms of a life-long friend who really gave meaning to the term “bear-hug.”
“Craig, I swear there was a million of them. I just got down out of the High Uintas and those mountains are high enough to hide any pollution. I seen a million stars!”
Read more about There's a Million of Them

Episode 78

Tonight on AgelTV Co-CEO Jeff Higginson interviews Russian Diamond Natalia Polyakova, learn how to keep your heart healthy with Agel HRT, take a peek at what went down at AgelWorld Tour Bangkok, and meet the newest member of Agel’s Executive Team, VP of North American Sales John Gustin. Read more about Episode 78


Episode 77

Tonight on AgelTV We talk with Senior Director from Belarus Vadim Gurko about his success, we have a new ‘Did You Know?’ on Agel’s Omega-3, we have a recap of AgelWorld Tour Moscow, we take a peek at Randy Gage’s new apartment, and Randy Gage interviews Nelly and Andrey Rozhkiny, Senior Directors from Russia. Read more about Episode 77