There's a Million of Them

I knew that he was coming long before I could see him. The peculiar sound of his Harley engine and its trademark “rumble” was known by all of his friends. I didn’t look up from my reading as he pulled up to my porch. He took off his bandanna and wiped away the perspiration that covered his face and beard. Soon I was in the arms of a life-long friend who really gave meaning to the term “bear-hug.”
“Craig, I swear there was a million of them. I just got down out of the High Uintas and those mountains are high enough to hide any pollution. I seen a million stars!”
My friend always brought to me uncontained enthusiasm, along with a refreshing bluntness that is so out of place today. “Man,” he said, “I loved Agel World. I felt like were starting all over again Craig. This business has so much to offer anybody who wants to put in a little work and start thinking about other people.”
His enthusiasm was so contagious. We laughed together until tears came to our eyes, as we remembered past friends and places. Then, it was back to Agel. “So, shall I get some stuff and head to Italy?”
I told him as I almost always did, “You do what you feel best. However, if I were you I would start where you live, right here in Utah. Then, I would go state-to-state until Agel draws you overseas, as it inevitably will. It’s like our first days in Agel, and the time to build is everywhere.”
Then, I could see he was eager to be back on his bike. “Good to see you I said.”
“Me too Craig.”
“Don’t wait so long to help me keep building Agel!”
“It’s only a few weeks I been gone.” (years) But, this feels like everything when we first started, you still send me a check every month, and I been thinking of getting involved big-time.”
Then, my old friend turned around and pulled off his leather vest. On his yellow shirt were these three very large letters: “BRN”. He yelled as he drove away, “Got 5 off already!! BRN baby BRN!!
As I watched him drive away, I was a little overcome with emotion. He was right about Agel. It is like those first years! Our regional Agel World meetings set records in Argentina, Italy, Las Vegas and Moscow, and Thailand. The introduction of BRN is important for people world-wide. As Mexico surpasses the United States as what someone referred to as the “fattest country in the world,” it is alarming to see the great toll excess fat is having on society, especially on the most defenseless, our children.
BRN is backed by AgelScience, which in my opinion is the best science in the world. AgelScience goes beyond the minimal requirements set by government agencies and people who are ready to deliver any type of product to market “if the bottom line is there.” For us, there is no bottom line, just pictures of millions of people throughout the world who could benefit so much from the pioneering nutrition of AgelScience.
So many eyes are on us as we continue to do good throughout the world.
There are the eyes of the children, whom we have yet to meet. They don’t know we are coming, but they will know it with improved eyesight and hearing, and better medical care and attention.
The eyes of the young adults are watching for us too. They are waiting for a chance, an opportunity. They aren’t looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—but instead the rainbow of hope itself, where they can create their fortune.
There are the seasoned eyes of the elderly—who always bring such gifts to Agel. They are looking too. They are saying:
“I still count.”
“I am still relevant.”
My friend was right. “There are missions of them!” Worlds of opportunity just waiting to be discovered.
I am Craig Bradley.
I am Agel.