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Episode 52

In this Episode In this episode we have messages from Fernando Gatti and Silvana Kurtin, an update on all of December’s new Rank Advancements, we take a look at the Leaderboard for the Agel Mediterranean Cruise, and Joel Rockwood will talk to us about the importance of taking UMI every day. Read more about Episode 52


Episode 51

In this Episode Tune in tonight for messages from Ann & David Feinstein, Nattadech ‘Diamond Joe’ Chaipakornwong, Vera Men’shikova, and 2012 Agel Field Leaders of the Year Alberto & Patrizia Ceccarelli. Read more about Episode 51


Episode 48

In this Episode Svetlana Sopkova from Slovakia talks to us about the Agel Lifestyle, we have a health tip from Agel Fitness Coach Brooke Basil, we take a look at our first Agel Leaderboard for the upcoming Mediterranean Cruise, and Co-CEO Jeff Higginson talks to us about the importance of qualifying for this Cruis Read more about Episode 48


Episode 47

In this Episode Randy Gage tells us the best best way to build your Agel business during the holiday months, Italian superstars Alberto Ceccarelli and Fernando Gatti share a message from the AgelTV studio, and Joel Rockwood teaches us about the greatest innovation in the health and wellness industry in this centu Read more about Episode 47


Episode 46

In this Episode Wendy Man from Canada tells us how she added nearly 10,000 points of volume in one month, Joel Rockwood teaches us about the amazing powers of UMI, Sarah Tay from Singapore shares her Agel story, and we take a moment to recognize Agel’s Customer Service Manager, Chad Salisbury, in this month’s Emp Read more about Episode 46


Episode 45

In this Episode At this time of year, we at AgelTV would like to pause and give thanks to all of you for being a part of our family. This week’s episode is a special message from Sam, Craig, and Jeremiah. Read more about Episode 45


Episode 44

In this Episode Randy Gage and Alexander Glukovski talk to us about the importance of event culture, Arayah Reynolds shares her testimonial about the Ageless product line, we get a peek at the events going on in Italy, and Jeff Higginson tells us what AgelCares is doing to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief eff Read more about Episode 44


Episode 43

In this Episode Faouzi Daghistani teaches us how he’s building his business in Australia, Scott Higginson tells us how Agel’s Omega-3 has changed his life, Paula Cuevas and Raphael Ruiz-Clavijo from Chile share with us their success in the month of October, and we take a peek at what qualifying Team Member’s can Read more about Episode 43



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