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Episode 42

In this Episode Brian and Deb Bodenhamer share with us what it was like to win the Agel Fit Challenge, Dr Armando Donati teaches us about the amazing benefits of OHM, Billy Looper tells us how the Agel Fit Challenge has boosted his buisness, and Jeff Higginson reveals an important change to the Agel Compensation Read more about Episode 42


Episode 41

In this Episode Vera Men'shikova tells us why she joined Agel, Joel Rockwood shows us why we should be taking EXO every single day, Philip Townsend takes us through the importance of rank advancing in next 90 days, and Noah Westerlund gives us an in-depth look at the new Agel App Read more about Episode 41


Episode 40

In this Episode Tony Zolecki talks to us about Agel's new Mediterranean Cruise Promotion, Joel Rockwood teaches us the science behind SEE, Paolo Colotti checks in to talk about events, and Craig Bradley gives a recap on AgelCares Read more about Episode 40


Episode 39

In this Episode Randy Gage explains how GSH and SEE will change the industry, Joel Rockwood teaches us the science behind GSH, Silvana Kurtin and Dino Zen share some exciting news on an upcoming event, Jeremiah Bradley explains the new Rank Volume incentive to Agel’s compensation plan, Rich Jones talks to us about Read more about Episode 39


Episode 37

In this Episode Jeremiah Bradley gives us an insight into what will be happening next week at AgelWorld 2012, Dr. Fyans shares an expert opinion on Agel’s new products, Tony Zolecki teaches us how to host meetings, and Brooke Christensen gives us some health tips on how to burn fat faster Read more about Episode 37


Episode 36

In this Episode Jorge Bena De Rette and Mimi Lopez share with us their Agel story, product piece on FLX, Ata Mamedov gives us tips to improve your business, a final AgelCares Walk of Hope reminder with Craig Bradley Read more about Episode 36


Episode 35

In this Episode Silvana Kurtin and Fernando Gatti tell us about the importance of coming to AgelWorld, Joel Rockwood explains why Gels are better than juices and pills, Jamie Lokier shares the secret skills you need to be a diamond, Noah Westerlund and Brooke Christensen give us an update on the Agel FIT Challenge Read more about Episode 35


Episode 34

In this Episode Philip Townsend on building belief at AgelWorld 2012, Joel Rockwood teaches us why Agel’s FIT Challenge is the best in the business, Randy Gage gives us a sneak peek into his AgelWorld 2012 speech, Brooke Christensen shares with us an AgelWorld update Read more about Episode 34


Episode 33

In this Episode Ann Feinstein teaches us how to make an IMPACT and get your team to AgelWorld 2012, Joel Rockwood gives us a tour of Agel’s product manufacturing plant, Ross Decker gives some insight on reaching the President’s Club, and Julie Nelson shares a special AgelWorld announcement Read more about Episode 33



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