About AgelCares.org

Around the world there are those in need of our help. Young and old suffer every day without access to good healthcare. As individual Agel Team Members we can do something to help. United we can do much more.

All over the world many people have extremely limited access to healthcare and the healthcare that they do have access to is inadequate at best.  We believe that everyone should have better access to healthcare and have committed ourselves to that ideal.

Generous donations to the Agel Cares Foundation make a direct impact on many lives. Together we can repair smiles, enhance vision, and improve health. We urge you to give generously.

Agel Enterprises donates a percentage of monthly Ageless sales to the Agel Cares Foundation and accepts donations from others who want to help. In addition, Agel donates $.01 to Agel Cares for every Agel Gel Pack tab received. It may seem small, but every cent helps make a difference for someone, somewhere. For example, for every 3,000 tabs Agel collects, Agel Cares helps mend the smile of one child. For 10,000 tabs, Agel Cares can buy needed equipment.

Thank you for making Agel Cares your charity of choice. Agel Cares is already involved in several great causes designed to reduce suffering. Our diverse projects share one common goal, improving lives.